I worked on Aromado Butter via a client on People Per Hour, a freelance site which offers a variety of work. I was tasked with creating the packaging and logo for the new and upcoming butter range. The range featured four flavors, Herb, Black Pepper, Truffle, Red Pepper. Each packaging had to be unique in some way and the client had a range of images he wanted to use in the packaging. The images provided were very low resolution, when it came to printing it would not be a high standard. I suggested using Blender 3D and rendering the produce, the client agreed with me on it and I was able to create him some high resolution renders for his packaging.

DesignFront Guindilla.jpg

I searched a few already existing 3D models of food products, this was a great help since it sped up the process of which I could get mock-ups to my client and saved time since the budget was tight. However, I did hit a technical hurdle though with the models. The models were in a .MAX format, this meant that they were modeled in another bit of software and was incompatible with Blender, therefore I had to convert them to be used with Blender. I also had to re-map the products and change the texture settings to work with Blenders Rendering system.

The client had multiple images of butter spread. None of them had a transparent background and they didn’t blend in well with the overall design. Therefore I modeled some, I created a flat object and rotated it along a path multiple times. I then subdivided the mesh to add more detail and creases for the butter. I then applied a matte texture to it and a gradient bump to make it more darker between the curves.


Aromado Logo Design had to be fresh and evoke a natural feeling. I had to tread carefully with this design to avoid it looking similar to their other brands, but also make it fit with the design. The client was very happy with the end product and only minor changes to colours were needed.


Some changes in design had to be made to incorporate the new logo design. I changed up the spacing and the client wanted a more free flowing font to be fitting with other brands. A back label had to be created with this brand and a revolving label, which goes around the pot.

The back label needed a lot of adjusting to incorporate all of the relevant information and it was a tight squeeze to get it all in. I tried to keep the design as clean as possible and to ensure that it was kept well within the printing bounds to avoid any printing issues.


The curved label was a little tricky to do, since everything had to squeeze in and the font had to be large enough to read. The formatting is exactly like the back label, but the curve changed all the font sizes and spacing.

Overall the client was impressed with the end product :

“Nathan did a very good job, the best freelancer I've worked with so far. Thanks for meeting the deadline Nathan. Highly recommended!”

Reflecting back on this work, I would of liked to make the backing stand out more instead of just plain white. Maybe try some different fonts and make some more front designs and switch up the formatting to something different.